Interior Trends for 2019

Interior Trends for 2019
1st November 2018 featherandmarble

Just how is 2019 just around the corner already? Time may be flying fast but fortunately big interior trends are slow moving. Next year we’re simply seeing a slight evolution of those trends we enjoyed this year & last. The pared-back Scandinavian style we adore is evolving to be more eclectic. If we had to summarise in one pithy phrase – minimalism becomes maximalism.

Take those bohemian textures and turn them up a notch.

The Beni Ourain rug is always going to be stylish & cosy but the pile will get deeper, the colours brighter – expect the next big thing to be the Azilal rug. Cushions will include more impactful pattern & even more fringing. Metallic detailing will be included everywhere on your furniture with added zig zags in gold or clever finishes on wood. Lastly, corduroy has started to come up the inside lane and may take the edge on it’s velvet textile cousin.

Jewel colours time to shine.

These changes may sound a little extreme but the 70’s maximalist trend has been creeping up on us for quite sometime and maybe it’s just me but I’m SO ready for some added colour! Move over french grey & millennial pink, it’s time for golden mustard, sapphire blues & emerald greens.

This shift in colour is partly due to the rise in luxe fabrics such as velvets. Navy velvet sofas for example were THE key statement furniture¬† in 2017/2018. We also saw a rise in dark blue kitchens. To offset our love of navy – which I doubt will be going anywhere – we’re pairing more accent pieces in sunshine yellow. Handy, as this works ever so well with lush green indoor plants – something else we don’t see disappearing anytime soon.


Our love for plants stays.

As stated, indoor plants are going nowhere and when it comes to textile or print, the tropical will start to be super-ceded by the dark green botanical. Expect our love of pineapples to to fade & our fondness of the english countryside and forrest to grow. This crosses over with the trend toward warmer colours. Think murals of red berries, evergreen foliage and earthy ochre roots.

We still have a taste for industrial.

Industrial accents are not disappearing, we just prefer them without a solely grey palette. Think fresh white paint, a black crittall door or brass tap instead of exposed steel & concrete. This could be coined ‘luxe-industrial’ & reflects the predicted move towards maximalist details I believe we’re shifting towards. Intricate metal work on the walls, matte black bathroom fittings & unique light switches are all going to be examples of this, as is the growing demand for stylish plug sockets & aluminium windows whether you’re in a Brooklyn penthouse or victorian terrace.

Sustainability will (hopefully!) become more of a consideration.

As with fast fashion, we cannot immediately replace all of our belongings to simply reflect a trend and we’re becoming increasingly aware of the impact our consumerism has on the environment both in terms of production & waste. We have to buy things we truly love & will hopefully continue to love for years to come. This growing mentality of ‘buy less, use more’ may be a contributing factor to our interest in things more detailed. There is far more to treasure over an expertly detailed wall paper or textured cushion than a generic, replaceable item.

Well, there you have it. Our interior predictions for 2019 are all about ‘more is more’ but not in terms of stuff, just the style of said stuff. Surfaces are still going to be clear and the general vibe, uncluttered. Pieces will simply have more impact & glamour. Are you as excited as we are?

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